Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Today was a big day for me. I wish I could write, but for now I am going to pause and leave a picture. Tomorrow is the new moon day and I hope to get some much needed rest. Tomorrow will be the story of today.


Carol said...



Hope all is okay. I sometimes close my eyes when I am walking to work in the freezing cold and pretend I am walking in the heat with you!

Corina said...

ooooh, a little teaser? ok, I'll check back tomorrow. BTW: Tomorrow is the Lunar New Year: heralding in the Year of the Rabit! Should be more docile than the Tiger Year ending. Wahoo! xxoo, corina

Jill Manning said...

get your sweet Canadian butt here!!!


I can't believe you commented...I should do teasers more often. I just sent you an email!!!

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