Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tide of Emotion

I am crying a lot lately. Yesterday I had to protect a ghostly skinny street dog from a tougher hearty street dog while the skinny scared dog (that completely reminded me of Angie) ate food garbage off the road. As I stood between these two dogs I wept and wept.

In chanting, now in the full swing of the second month, I don't need the papers so much I find myself overcome with emotions as I chant guru mantra's, aaditahrdayam, and the gangastotram.

This morning at breakfast a new friend form DC was looking at the picture of me holding my authorization certificate and she said, "Did you cry when you got this?" I didn't but looking at how moved she was by the picture, and then looking at me with that same look...I did.

I feel like the sediment of my soul has been stirred.

Tomorrow we have a led primary because the full moon day is Friday. I am pretty certain that I need the rest.

My last Sanskrit Level 2 class is tomorrow. I am no longer a level 2 drop out. That makes me smile.

Please check my website for workshops/events this spring. In my head I am calling the whole lot of them....Springing From the Source.


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Loving the sediment stir in your soul; very, very powerful image. Love and hugs, friend and teacher! -- jeanine d.