Friday, February 25, 2011

8/12 (The Long Goodbye)

Many of my closest friends and companions are leaving this week or in the weeks to come. The energy of the environment is changing. I am thinking about my future. I told Ali from risd|works that I was going to take this time and figure out a plan for my life. I am pretty sure I was confident in a ten year plan. When I was 22 I could never have imagined myself staring into a perfect blue sky dotted with green palms, or the way the south Indian sun feels in the afternoon.

This week has been centered around recovery. I am nearly all better from last weeks intense sickness and really looking forward to sleeping alarm clock free this evening. My final phase will be filled with 2.50am wake up calls and trips to Jayashree, loads of practice, prayer, chanting and conjuring up a future...all while trying to let the mosquito bites be, chant Vedic Shanti mantras properly and say my long goodbye.

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Claudia said...

Oh goals, life... I hear you!, hope you fully recover... I am wondering about how you do the 2:50 wake up, goodness!!! some discipline! loved the picture by the way, very funny