Friday, February 04, 2011


This week has me trying to find a new groove. There were a significant number of changes this week and I haven't quite yet figured how to manage them all. First the week started with my friend Beth moving into my flat for the month of February. After spending a month all alone I knew the transition would be a bit rocky but things have now started to smooth themselves out. After I registered for my second month on Monday, all with very little fanfare, my time was moved to 5.30am. As I was preparing for bed I set my new wake time I forgot to change the P.M. to A.M. as Beth's alarm went off I was a little confused and going to be a little late to the shala. After the running and rushing and the eventually waiting only 20 or so minutes into my practice Sharath gave me the Authorization surprise. I swear I didn't sleep for the next two days. It was better than Christmas and there was so much energy and excitement by me and for me. I think between the exhaustion and the celebration I have fallen off my center and I am ready to return. I should really be at a kirtan right now but I am relishing in the alone time. It has been a pretty great week.

My dear friend Noga (whose birthday is today) sent me a message that expressed this beauty..."b'sha'a tova. in good time. in good time the blessings come around"

I am really excited about my teaching schedule please check it out and see you all in good time.

"practice means repeat....what are you repeating?" ~me

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Claudia said...

Jill this is such great news I would be so excited too!, I am happy for you and I would love to practice where you teach when I get to come up to R.I. :-)