Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Constant

When my friend Adam came to Providence this past June for a visit I showed him the fun little game I play with my dogs. I took two favorite toys (1 long dog and 1 red apple) and would excited and entice with one and then just as they are so happy with let's say the long dog, I would pull out the other and give it a little squeak and they would forget all about poor long dog. Seconds would pass and I'd go and get the long dog and squeak that and back they were all over the long dog with poor red apple forgotten. You could do this for hours.

long dog to red apple
red apple to long dog

I think I introduced this game as "hey Adam, do you want to see the opposite of a yogic state?" He laughed in acknowledging that this was a funny example of the mind (or dog) having what it no longer wants and wanting what it does not have and all over and back again.

I started the 9th week of practice in the midst of 5 years with this method. Method not changing....Jill is changing. The state of yoga is steady. So I challenge all the yoga students out often to you find yourself running from long dog to red apple in search for something better in a yoga class. Look for what is steady and then hold your practice there on that point and see if you too can feel the change from inside.

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