Saturday, February 12, 2011

Year of Exposure

Rather than make New Year's Resolutions I picked up a suggestion from my sister to give the year a theme. I was listening to NPR in December and a musician was talking about how they were exposed to an eclectic music collection growing up. I thought about my own lack of exposure as a kid and decided I would expose myself to new and different stimuli. I understand that India is a great place to start and the amount of personal exposure in the shala with Sharath's watchful gaze upon you is a kind of extreme exposure but I was thinking about influences that might give me more shape, new understanding, and just brighten up life.

Here is a list of my ear exposure of the last 6 weeks...also known as what I am listening to:

Fionn Regan - The end of History

Tribe Called Quest - People's Instinctive

Moby - Play

Tegan & Sara - So Jealous

Cake - Pressure Chief

Bob Marley - Legend

Billie Holiday


DanielUA said...

i like that fionn regan! it is calming

when i am ever at my own computer i'll upload some things

DanielUA said...

ps this is definitely jennifer and not dan. dan will send you some lil wayne if you want though. haha.