Thursday, February 10, 2011

6/12 = 1/2

Time flies in the sun!

I can't believe that I have been here 6 weeks. I can't believe that so much has changed in 6 weeks. My body, mind and breath all feel much stronger although practice times continue to get earlier and earlier. It is funny, in the past I have been one of the first students to leave Mysore and now I am in the position of saying goodbye to some people that I have become very attached to in a short period of time. All the while scoping out who is, like me, in it until the end. I still miss Jaime.

The daily routine has firmly taken root, but I am super excited to be back at Jayashree's for the month of March. It should be very powerful after all the foundation work that has been forming. I wish that I had some great stories or drops of wisdom but I am just really happy and happy to see the trip unfolding. The little things are adding up, dots are connecting and a joy fullness is emerging. Dare I say that I might have found the intersection of steadiness and least in this moment.

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