Tuesday, February 08, 2011

....still in India....

I realize that my blog post have been quite paltry of late. Some days I have these really (what I think a least) amazing connections and discoveries about the nature of practice/yoga/life/patterns/breath/expectations etc. When I get to this computer to wax poetic about these discoveries I say something to myself like..."who do you think you are?", or "who the hell cares what you think!" Yesterday I posted on my facebook page exactly what I was feeling. I was in the middle of a full on 'Mysore Meltdown.' These are actually very common around here and sure enough as soon as I left the building I found a friend who was having her first and it was a big one. The exact nature of the meltdown isn't all that important. What is important, what is absolutely essential is the melt of the meltdown.

I have been to so many yoga classes where the sunny yoga teacher encourages the students to melt their heart. This direction has become so popular, so ubiquitous, that it has become just another yoga platitude. This direction is rarely expounded and over simplified, but I do get the feeling that it is a cool thing full of bliss and surrender.

I feel the melt and see it in my colleagues in the shala. So much of the melting is a surrender, but even more so a melting of the ego. It is seriously hard. My friend Karen wrote a great blog about non attachment (which I thinks fits this topic perfectly) and here is a little excerpt:

"To practice without being a smidgen bothered about results is something that comes only after years of having your attitude adjusted. It’s not a coincidence that we come here for practice, this splendid India, having as it does an unmatched excellence in a seemingly limitless variety of tools for reducing the ego and neatening up the ‘tude. Westerners are used to being mollycoddled something awful, having a gadget for every little whim, and buying our way up the pole."

You can read the whole post and follow her in Mysore her link is on the right, "Open Your Feet."

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Col said...

Wow, I really needed this TODAY. I went to a new studio near my house last night and did not feel good while I was there. It was a lot of "beginner students, do this" and "more advanced students, do that" and it made me feel awful because I was too attached to the fact that I couldn't/wouldn't "do".