Saturday, February 19, 2011

If you are lucky

when you get sick in Mysore you have a couple of friends to check in on you. I am very lucky. Yesterday I was Sick (note the capital S.) I managed to walk to breakfast which is a 5 minute walk but yesterday felt like 7 miles. After I had a fruit salad (that I was sure would make me instantly better) I went home and slept. Seriously slept. At 11am I put a towel around my head and didn't stir until nearly 4pm. I found out that both my room mate and a friend had been checking on me, but I was so deep in my state of hot, congested sleep, I was unaware. I decided to pass on practice this morning and consider it a wise gambit since I have 5 and 1/2 long practice weeks ahead.

I am feeling better today. Maybe all of the emotion stirred from last week was this dormant sickness. As I head into the final third of my trip I am noticing more and more the duality of the place. It is extremely easy and hard to be here. The time flies and crawls at a snails pace. Practice is very exciting and incredible boring. There is often a "hi" followed with a "bye." I heard Rennie Harris on Fresh Air describe Philadelphia as a "quick/slow" city. Although that interview was nearly two years ago that phrase has stayed with me. Being in Mysore is an experience of duality.

..also if you are lucky you too could have these sweet stickers on your bike.


Diana said...

Feel better Jill! cant wait to have you back in the quick/slow city. Your words always stick with me :)

Mike Repede said...

Thanks for sharing and I wish you quick recovery too!

Your story reminded me of my day trip to Mysore during a 2-week visit to Bangalore for work. We were touring the Mysore palace when I started feeling bad. That tour is long to begin with and it felt like eternity to me, just like your walk to breakfast! (My 7-year-old still gives me a hard time that I didn't ride the elephants that day, but I was NOT up for it.) The next day I was basically comatose in bed. So I'm totally supporting you in spirit -- I've so been there.

Ironically, that's the way my trip ended. Saturday I got sick. Sunday I rested/recovered. Monday we flew home. My wife thinks I'm crazy for this, but I would go back to India in a heartbeat!