Sunday, February 20, 2011

India Flashback

I am really missing my husband. This picture was taken in September 2007 after I had been in Mysore three weeks Mike traveled here to be with me. He came knocking at my bedroom door around was the best!

I am still a little sick. I am trying to rest and hydrate. The weather is seriously heating up and with this nasty cold my energy feels vacuumed out of my body. Practice tomorrow should be a hoot, and with the last three days off (Friday was the Full Moon, Saturday I didn't practice and today Sharath is in Bangalore hence the Saturday practice) I'll either be flailing or flying...stay tuned!

I can't believe that I will register for my third and final month next Sunday. Will I dodge the 4.15am start time....stay tuned.


Claudia said...

Awww... I feel your pain.... well is the last stretch! I really hope you feel better! and that you come back home soon!!! :-)

Romantic Dinner said...

oh no i hope god bless u and your husband.........