Thursday, March 24, 2011

Weather or Not... I come.

The highs have been in the mid-high nineties every day since March began and practice even at 4.15am starts at a steamy 70 degrees before even one sun salutation. I can see that is has been snowing back home. I haven't even seen a drop of rain for nearly 12 weeks.

Things I am looking forward to.

Being with my husband.

Seeing my sweet dogs.

Leaving my bucket in India. I have had my fill of bucket baths, and bucket laundry.

Bringing all that I have understood home and teaching.

The absence of mosquitoes and ants.

7 Stars on the West Side...and now when my I swipe my card and the screen says, "waiting for authorization....authorized." I can have a sweet laugh with myself.

Seeing my risd friends again.

Walks around the armory.

The beach.

This is such a small list. There are so many things I am looking forward to, but most of all I am hoping to see my uncertain future as exciting. I know that if I am tough enough to not only get through but understand and enjoy my epic practice I can do anything.

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