Saturday, March 05, 2011

9/12 ( a day late) = 3/4 Home Soon

What have I discovered over the last 9 weeks? much....and so little. I am reminded over and over again that practice works. Practice defined as a system, or a design, and also that proper practice requires method. I find myself repeating little old sayings to myself in new ways. I find that I do have something to say about the study of yoga...yes! enough to teach, but at the same time I see the vast enormity of the subject and stand in excited awe of what there is out there to study. As I feel more and more comfortable with the practice of tapah as effort or purification of the physical system and svadhyaya as self appraisal. I realize that these two practices boost the ego and one must equally foster a practice of Isvara Pranidhanani to cool out the egoism to enter a state of yoga. One must practice the three.

I am heading directly into 3 solid weeks (6 days a week) of 3am wake up calls. As students are leaving Mysore in droves the city is quieter, study is more intense, and I am so excited to return home having had this deep learning experience.

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