Tuesday, March 08, 2011


I just realized that I haven't written about practice in a while. I guess I have written about the practice process, and excerpted some really juicy quotes from Guruji, but I haven't said much about how the practice is resonating with me. I often hate when students drone on and on (yes, I know it sounds like a drone) about this posture or that posture so I tend to abstain from droning in the forum.

As I approach the end of my 10th! week in Mysore I am quite confident that this trip has changed my relationship to yoga and to sound and as always Self. I came here a mess, I cleaned up that mess, and now I feel like I am in the polishing stages. My body and asana's have never been stronger. The collective breath is so present at the shala it sounds like the room itself is breathing. Being apart of that is worth the trip itself, and returning into the loving and amazing arms of Jayashree feels like the perfect closing note to the whole experience.

Jennifer from Michigan is studying Odissi, a form of classical Indian dance. Her teacher taught her that the last two stages when mastering the very intricate dance steps are, first to then remove any tension, and lastly make it beautiful. I am now in the shala working those two stages enjoying the effort that I have put into each vinyasa, each pose, each breath and absolutely "making it beautiful."

Here is a picture of the beauty of a walk home from practice. Time 6.30am.

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