Friday, January 07, 2011

This is a ramble

I am sitting at Anu's directly across the street from what is my home until March 31st. I have been away from my home in Providence one week and away from my home in Philadelphia one and a half years. I have no idea where I will make my next home. I do know that Mysore is my yoga home. It is place where I feel most at ease, the place where I feel I can explore who I am...not Jill the Wake Up Yoga teacher...not Jill the only Ashtanga Yoga teacher in the city of Providence and nearly the only Ashtangi in the entire state. After one week of being with my teacher, chanting everyday, and YES retaking Sanskirt level I am reminded that I love the practice and tradition of yoga as a student who so ready to admit that after all of this study that I know very little and I am eager to explore more. I found myself frustrated over the last year and a half trying to find a yoga home. I tired, I think, too hard. I was desperate for something I could relate with, latch on to. I lost energy at every turn. I don't know what is coming next for me, but today I am sure the no effort is every wasted and no gain ever lost.

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