Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I am starting to feel it

I am nearing the end of my first month here and boy! what a turn around. I am starting to feel it all....the long practice, the chanting, the Sanskrit, and the Sutra work. I haven't had dreamless sleep in weeks and the dreams are big, bold, and very bazaar. I have had guest appearances from people I know very well, people I've just met and people I haven't seen since Nativity of Our Lord grade school.

Today's practice was very fun. Since conference on Sunday I find myself more focused and having more fun. This morning's "one more" had me smack in the middle of the room directly next to a man who's practice tempo and start time was perfectly in sync with mine. I bound in maricayasa D, he bound in maricyasa. I started intermediate series, he did as well and we started to move as if we were in a led class. Our parsvadhanursana's must have been a thing to behold (I am joking for those of you who don't know my quick wit and sense of humor.) It reminded me when I started this practice and would practice with Amy Rejba. When David Keil came back to Philly to check on the little Ashtangi's that he planted into the soil, he said to us, side by side, in sync and harmony, "synchronized Ashtanga?"

Here are some photos of what is happening with me. I am currently getting up at 4.30am and having a coffee which is awesome. This is also something I took away form conference on Sunday. Sharath clearly said, "no coffee, no prana." While I whizzed through Sanskrit level 1 I started level 2 again (I dropped out in 2008) last night. Wish me luck. I am thanking the heavens that tomorrow is the last Mysore of the week and Friday primary ONLY.


Meagen said...

wow. your sanskrit is beautiful (to this untrained eye). i've started to take classes here in az of all places, and my 'wipey' board goes with me everywhere so i can practice writing the letters. not easy. you go gurl.

Leah said...

"no coffee, no prana" amazing. i love it.

Jill Manning said...


A little work on handwriting with Manorama goes a long way. Miss you!!!