Friday, January 21, 2011


It is time for a weekly recap. I didn't utilize words during the blog dispatched this week...just pictures. There is so much change that happens so fast here it catches me off guard every time. Last year in conference Sharath said that one month here is like one year of practice at home. I really felt a major shift this week. I did need a little outside perspective on that. My friend Cyndi wrote me an email re capping my experience for me. She pointed out that my first few days had me struggling back from primary series (true). Nearly passing out in the ladies changing room is a very frightening experience, but I think more common than one would imagine. My second week there was the very timid addition of intermediate series poses (with none taken away under the intense eye of Sharath) with despite my protests ankle grabbing backbbends. Now at the end of the third week all of the above is easier, smoother, and refining itself ever new with a pretty large portion of surrender thrown in I am holding onto my own toes with supta vajrasana.

There has also been a shift in the friendliness factor. Sharath invited us all out to lunch with him to a restaurant called, Highway 18. Nearly everyone showed up. That is like 250 yoga students. It was like the best holiday dinner ever. I also made my forth trip to Chamundi Hill and felt connected to the patron saint of Mysore Shri Chamundeswari. It feels like I am experiencing my very own power surge. I am very excited about teaching again and feel confidence again in my own experience and how to transmit that to others through teaching. Off to the final classes of Sanskrit Level I and then a Kirtan.

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