Sunday, January 09, 2011

Notes from conference

I haven't been in the best mood today. I have this cough that will not quit. I want to hang a sign in my window apologizing to my neighbors for the constant hacking. After going into town yesterday my belly has been a little upset as well. I am pretty sure it is from the increased pollution, but it was worth it I got to hang with Philly Rob and chill with him at Barista. We had conference this morning and after encountering the rudest "yoga" student of all time (reading the Bagavad Gita...the humor was not lost on me) I needed a good talk from one of my favorite and most respected teachers

If you can understand my notes...

"first you should feel what it is"

asana's=answers with proper understanding


not looking outside ever but pulling further inside

Guruji would say to perfect an asana you must practice 1000 times

Rama Raja

asana targets the nervous system

the importance of scanning the student

My personal favorite not only do students have different bodies but they have different minds

Tomorrow is my first day adding Intermediate Series an interesting blog is sure to follow

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Sara said...

My neurology professor would agree. He always says that when you encounter a patient you also encounter an individual universe they have built in their own mind.