Saturday, January 08, 2011

Taking Rest

I am at the near end of a "resting" Saturday. Each week I will practice 6 days, chant, and go to Sanskrit at least 3 and spend quite a bit of time on homework and who knows what is to come...but Saturday we rest. I used this Saturday to finish up with some errands I have been putting off. I went into the market to but myself a bucket to wash my clothes in and also bought a nice little paper fan to fan myself, Carol style for Sanskrit and conference. I went to FabIndia and found a soft cotton sheet for my bed in an attempt to sleep more soundly at night.

Now I can feel time starting to move a little faster. Maybe it is because I am trying to put together a schedule of events for the spring and that also requires me to sit down and put key stroke to computer screen, email and remail. Practice has been a comfort...really just a joy. I feel more relaxed. Maybe it is because Sharath commented on my hair cut when I registered or on Thursday when my hands just barely made my heels he smiled and with a reassured look said, "jet lag." I am pretty sure this trip is going to be a practice/life giving experience.

I promise more photos to come.


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