Thursday, August 14, 2008

Walk of Shame

In this whole time I have not gotten yelled at once. Everyday in the Shala you will hear the yells. "No, you first!" when someone is coming into the Shala out of turn. Today someone somewhere in the room was catching their big toes instead of the sides of their feet, "Catch your feet, catch your feet!" The there is the ever popular, "Sit down!" this is when someone is trying to do dropbacks, and they didn't know they weren't allowed.

My morning started crummy. I should not check my email first thing in the morning, no matter how much I want to hear from my husband. As I walked to the Shala my mind was racing, and I contemplated going back home and stewing there. As I made it into the lobby to my surprise there were no students waiting. Then I heard it, "One more!" I looked around and then went into the room. Making your way through the Shala is kind of like making your way through series of land mines, arms and legs are flying from every direction it is best to move quickly and decisively. Just when I went to lay my mat down all the way across the room I heard, "What is your time?!" and just like that I was sent back to the lobby. Just because I am feeling a little sensitive today I started to cry a little.

This is what I am now referring to as the new "Walk of Shame." Like in college, but without the messy mascara.

At the end of practice, another day, another set of dropbacks, Sharath saw me move my right foot a tiny bit and when I came up like he was the Meryl Streep character in the Devil Wears Prada. He softly said, "don't move." For the next two dropbacks I swear I didn't move even an

It's Thursday and I am exhausted from the routine. I just got back from a special lunch for Mary from Yoga Sutra Philly, and now I am officially "taking rest."


sagelet (katie) said...

lordy this makes me feel like such a sloppy and fidgeting yogini.

TeenaBee said...

Jill... you are a citizen of the age of enlightenment, knower and bestower of knowledge. Where you stand in drop backs says nothing about the quality of your true Self.