Thursday, August 07, 2008

Release Me

It feels like I hit my first wall here. I am for the first time since my arrival really looking forward to Saturday as a day off. I am also struggling today with the intensiveness of the experience. My body hurts, my mind is totally full, and I still have to finish Sanskrit homework and go to class. I woke up this morning, and it felt like I dragged myself to practice, and then half way through a practice that I can best describe as limp, I thought what the **** am I doing here. I didn't want to do drop backs again today and I thought that I would just skip them, but I don't know how or where the energy came from I completed them and retired to the ladies changing room for closings and savasana.


Someone with a child told me that is how children make their strides. They seem to take a few steps back before they launch themselves forward. So, I am working on this visualization of me in a sling shot and right now I am being pulled WAY back. Back so far that it is totally uncomfortable and I'll wait to be released.

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micki said...

Hey Jill!! I love reading your adventures in India. Altho I must say I've got mixed minute I'm jealous of your trip, (not in an evil-green way, but in a it-makes-me-smile it kind of way) and the next minute I'm am kind of glad I'm not there (aching body and constipation!) Looking forward to reading all of your other adventures and seeing more photos.

Saturday morning class has been great! I LOVE the energy that that class has and that Wake Up Yoga in general seems to give off. Thanks again for taking a chance with me in teaching that class. I've been trying to make my own, thanks to your advice.

I've gone back to a full-time day job. Not the best but it's ok. And I'm now teaching 4 classes, so I've been staying busy too. I've added the 6.30am lead classes and home practice back into my life and it's been wonderful.

Talk to you again soon.