Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sharath you totally "set the bar"

Some days I can't think of one single thing to blog about. Then there are days like today and I find little nuggets everywhere. I am finding that I have a habit of hearing the smallest phrase that no one else thinks is enlightening then I begin to riff on it in my head. There have been too many today.

The rain this morning was a joke. A big cosmic joke. It's dark, it's pouring, and it is before 5:30am. Practice was strong today and I made sure that I remembered to add Bhekasana. As I was starting my back bends Sharath came over to me and told me to add, as in today, as in stop what your are doing and do this, two more poses. This is no small thing! Again I start with the back bends and he is there waiting for me. I tend to go faster when Sharath is standing there. Faster for me when it comes to drop backs is sloppier. After my third he caught my waist and said, "Wired?" I made a face that must have conveyed my confusion. He said it again, "Wired?" Oh! Tired. An Indian head wiggle comes in handy in these situations. Had my ankles today, I know that Sharth thinks I can do it better.

As I walked to the changing room, I passed him and he and I giggled. His laugh said try harder tomorrow, and mine said OK, I will.

Thanks to all my teachers who set the bar higher than I thought it should go.
Namo Namah

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