Friday, August 29, 2008

"....Like A Polaroid Picture"

Today is the end of my 6th week of practice at the Shala. It has been a truely tranformative experience. At the the end of the led class this morning, as Sharath said to lie down and take rest, I put my practice towel over my eyes, and started to cry. I feel different. In the last two weeks I feel like I have found my inner Shakti. Shakti meaning sacred force, power or energy. It is always associated with the feminine aspect of the divine. I have always thought of myself as Shiva's girl, especially as my wild hair has grown over the past few years, and taken up the very intense and sometimes forceful practice of Ashtanga Yoga.

I think really working on "minding my head" and since I've been here in Mysore this time I've tried to practice "oily." In this process of being here alone, on my own, I have found her. I look forward to shaking more Shakti this year. Maybe you will too!

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