Tuesday, August 26, 2008

See the pattern differently

I think that I have found the secret to yoga. I think that I have known this all along, but today I really got it. We must train ourselves to be more and more flexible. I know that in the practice of asana this concept is clear. Like many of the practices asana sets up a great foundation, it feels like a starting point in a way, through the physical aspect of practice the student can clearly see change.

Then what?

How can you begin to and then continue to develop flexibility of the mind? What about flexibility of the heart? This phrase popped into my head the other day. How can you begin to see the pattern differently? The pattern does not change; you change in relation to the pattern.

I was all set and excited to go to Philosophy class this morning. We had off on Monday for a holiday inspired by Lord Krishna. When I arrived at Jayashree’s and opened the door, I saw all the students sitting in the large entrance way in front of a newly built large alter built to Lord Krishna. Jayashree’s family was in the next room performing puja. After some time listening to the chanting, Jayashree came out and said, “One by one come in and see God.”

Better than Philosophy class….participating in a Jayashree’s family puja.


Then as I waited outside for Kyle, who I split a rickshaw with, it was decided that we would go with Niko to find a book on Sanskrit that he was looking for. As we walked Kyle asked if anyone knew where Krishnamacharya’s Shala where he taught Guruji was. And just like that Niko brought us into the Shala where Krishnamacharya taught. The pulsation was off the chart, for real.


Now I am sitting in what has become my office at Anu’s Bamboo Hut sweat dripping down my body and off my nose…it is so hot, isn’t suppose to be Monsoon season?

Ahh Flexibility.

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