Monday, August 11, 2008

Ok, Ok

I know that I have taken a few days off from writing, but I have had some things on my mind that I don't think were blog appropriate. The end of last week was really hard. I wasn't sleeping because I was feeling very vulnerable about my place at home. It felt as if I was unaware of changes that I would otherwise be made aware of. Anyway, you gotta get over all that. I am here so I need to fully commit to being here and as my friend Mary told me, "don't worry, Guruji will take care of everything."

I believe.

Saturday was an off day from asana, but my turbo Sanskrit class met and it feels like there should be a level between one and two. I think I need a level one and half. I am managing, while struggling and learning a whole bunch.

Sunday I had another Sanskrit lesson, I know turbo charged, and then conference. What an experience. Listening to Sharath speak about yoga, and so skillfully answer or not answer questions humbles and awes me. I will be forever grateful for that experience. I made the choice to not take notes and I am still processing the gems. More on that later.

Big News. Just as I wrote an email to my teacher back home saying that I think Sharath had forgotten about me. Today I am starting my back bends and I hear from across the room "Krounchasana, you do krounchasana." He didn't forget about me at all! So, I received another pose and a new start time 7am!

I am very happy, and very full from a North Indian Thali.

Love, Love

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Mariana said...

So great to hear all about your weekend and your practice! Thanks for writing.
p.s. everyone needs a few days off sometimes