Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fall in love with the journey

Going to re register at the Shala yesterday was a new experience. It sometimes feels like everything around me is going to turn into a pumpkin. I have been here for more than one month, but not quite two. Sharath called me a bad lady for not staying longer, I bobbed my head put my tongue firmly in the third position and said, "What to do?"

5:45am is my new start time.

4:45am for led classes.

Practice today felt great even for such an early start. As I went to work on my drop backs Sharath again was standing waiting for me. It is not an unusual thing to see Sharath on the final drop back bringing students hands to their calves, or in some cases even higher. He has not been moving me in that direction....until this morning. As I tried to surrender to the teacher he put my right hand on my right calf, and then as he went for the left I started resisting. I got the "Don't fear" mantra, but there I was fearing, fearing, and then there it was my left hand holding onto a part of my body I never dreamed it would go.

Now I've got to dream bigger.

As I stood up to move to the stage for closing postures he said "tomorrow you do salabhasana." I am plugging right along. Two weeks from Friday I'll be saying goodbye to this part of the journey. I am working hard to stay present and not anticipate what is coming next. In the short term what is next...a Thai massage, and a Sanskrit lesson.

Hari OM

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Mariana said...

I'm so proud of you, Jill!