Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Experience IS the Transformation

I have received loads of emails/messages from home. It f eels like they are pouring in from students/friends/family that are all reporting about their own journey with Ashtanga Yoga. The teacher who has opened so many doors for me with regards to this practice is in my home town, Philadelphia. I am missing him and the transformation that comes from the experience of working with him. He is a wonderful teacher.

I have been thinking a lot about the role of the teacher, and what it means to teach, and how so often a good teacher may not answer your question, but will invite you to examine the question and give you the space to expand into the answer for yourself.

Here in Mysore there in no shortage of wonderful teachers. As always the best teacher starts from within. Sitting in Sanskrit today as everyone in level 2 was struggling away Lakshimish just casually said, “Effort may fade, but never fail to make the effort.” I think I’ll sit with that for awhile.

The sky is getting dark and I am about to head out to chant, it is sure to be a rainy rickshaw ride.

Jai to all of my beloved teachers, and Thank You.


Mariana said...

I love Lakshimish's quote and boy do I need it today (4 more days of pre-calc!)

Col said...

Hi Jill! I've been thinking about you a lot...I sort of took a hiatus from yoga and now I'm back to it, MAKING to fit it into my new schedule. It's crazy how much better I feel...like it should be a surprise...xo Colleen

TeenaBee said...

Dude. Ashtanga is raining pain and suffering on my food body. David is like a velvet hammer. I miss your "are you KIDDING me??!!" looks (pre-mayurasana) that always help me through mysore week!