Thursday, August 21, 2008

Try Again

Every Sunday feels fresh and full of prana and possibilities. Today is Thursday and just by looking around the Shala you can see the fullness, and the fatigue. It is like every student is wearing a different t-shirt each with a personal message they say, "not another sutra", "I can't tell my "i's" from my "e's", mine said "no more drop backs!" As I approached my first, it was passable, but sloppy at best. By my second Sarasvati was there and I could not come up, and took a little tumble to the floor. As I stood ready to move on, she said "try again" and I did try again, and gave her the look that said, "I am all set today."

Lessons learnt this week:
Do not book a massage on the same day as Sanskrit
No Chai after 3pm
It is good to be a geek

Tomorrow I am in the early led group. New waking time 4:00am. Two weeks until the Philly yogi's leave for India!!

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