Saturday, August 02, 2008

Surrender is Now

I took off yesterday from blogging, it was after all a Moon Day and after nearly two weeks here I wanted a day to climb in rather than expand out. Yesterday was totally the tipping point for surrender. I have finally come to grips with several things:

#1. bucket baths are not so bad

#2. it is ok if I never move past Pasasana

#3. mosquito bites while annoying will not kill me

#4. while some in India experience diarrhea, I on the other hand spend more time constipated (this is good to note if you are on the Wake Up Yoga pilgrimage)

#5. here, no matter how many times you have made this journey, is not HOME

#6. Laundry takes a very long time to dry during Monsoon season

#7. I have no control over what happens at home

I gave myself two weeks to really get into the experience here. Starting tomorrow I go from wading in the yoga to the full submerge, as Mike would say, "just dunk it."

Thanks for all compassion about my neck pain. It is feeling much better and I am excited to get back to the Shala for tomorrow's led class. Hopefully soon I'll have some postings about classes/workshops/Sanskrit meetings for the fall. Until then if you or a yoga studio you frequent would like to schedule a workshop please send me an email

Namo Namah

or as Ali G says, "respect!"

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jude said...

Hey Jill, we are on the beach!!!! we checked your blog and happy to hear you are climbing in....I love and miss you. Love and Hugs mom, aka judy

Christina said...


a) how's your neck?

b) Pasasana, smashasana

c) Noah told me that he got typhoid once in India and it took 2 years to fully recover. I might get vaccinated twice.