Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Practing for what?

So, I know the pictures where are they? I haven't had the chance to get my camera out and carry it with me. It has been a bumpy ride in my mind. I am dealing with loneliness I think for the very first time in my life. How do I turn loneliness into aloneness as a way of dating myself?

Practice this morning was great. I felt great in spite of all the other insecurities I have about everything else. It put the spotlight back on what I am here to do. The shala was so full. When I arrived at my given time 8am. I know, no dark predawn walks to the shala. I am really working on how I think this experience is supposed to be. I waited along with about thirty other Main Shala student for the call of "one more" for about another 45 minutes. I need to figure out a small breakfast to eat. Thank God I had a couple of cookies to bite on in my room otherwise I might have been forever known as "that girl" that passed out in the shala. As usual the first practice was a little fast. I'd love to say that I was one with the breath, and with an internal count like a metronome, but alsa I was not. I was however binding in every Marichasana nicely and dropping back and standing up with ease. When Sharath worked with me he just laughed a bit. At least he didn't reiterate the many mistakes making theme from last time.

Sanskrit level 2 doesn't begin until August which saddened me a bit, but I found out about some other juicy stuff in which to become immersed. In a couple of hours I am going to head over to Jayashree's for chanting the yoga sutra. I miss home. I miss the yoga community that I am so grateful to be a part of.

Practicing for what? Practice for Living.


Anonymous said...

I miss you as well. When you arrive home you will have many exciting experiences to share. Looking forward to that time. I love you! Love and Hugs Judy AKA mom

Mary Jo said...

You are never alone as long as you have memories of the ones you miss at home in your head and in your heart. I'm sure that once you get into the full swing of India and your practice, the time will fly by so quickly for you that you will wonder where it all went. Looking forward to seeing some pictures once you get yourself organized.

As always, we miss you here at home and love you too.