Monday, July 28, 2008

Oh what a pitiful Pasasana you have

It is the beginning of week two, and yes one week makes a huge difference. I am sleeping through the night and practicing each morning, chanting each night, and no longer in a state of panic about being here.

I think that I am figuring out that traveling to India no matter how many times you’ve done it, no matter how familiar the destination it is a shock to every system in the body. Thinking that you can just pick up where you left of is just silly.

Silly Jilly

Conference last night was so nice. All the students came to the Shala and sat waiting for Sharath. Sharth took a seat at the edge of the stage and we all sat in silence for a bit then he chanted and began to speak about yoga. What a great teacher. This is my first time really having an opportunity to work with Sharath. He is giving me poses, and dropping me back everyday. He is teaching me. I didn’t bring a notebook which I will surely do next Sunday so when I came home I just jotted this in my journal.

Yoga must be connected to Shastra (spiritual text)

Proper breathing (in asana) is breath through the nose





The point that which you focus, the dot, the dot is your soul. Focus on that union.

Sharath after back bending told me he’d help me with Pasasana tomorrow. Can’t wait.

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jude said...

Hey Jill, you sound as though you have truly settled into the journey's culture. As always remain with the open heart and it will be filled with peace and love. Everyone asked about you yesterday at the Klebes family reunion. Stay safe and healthy. I love and miss you. Love and hugs, judy aka mom