Friday, July 25, 2008

Love, Love

First led class. It was a doozy. No, it was a Doozy with a capital D. The second group was to begin at 6am which is really like 5:45am and I know from times past you better get there early or you'll have to practice in the lobby or even worse the changing room. I think I arrived on the steps at about 5:15am. I was the first one there. Our group was not quite that big we utilized only the lobby no need for the changing room. Talk about mat to mat it was the biggest group I have ever practiced with.

The chant was amazing.

When you practice alone or in some very small groups being in the company of so many people, for me is "the juice." Sharath was brutal this morning. The count was so slow. If students came up from caturanga before the count (which happened more I thought it would) we had to hover and wait, and wait before coming up. I think we were in headstand for at least three minutes before we came down half way and then back up. I am going to be sore tomorrow. I don't even want to talk about Utplutih.

Tomorrow is a day off and I have no idea what I will do. Maybe laundry? When I first arrived on Monday morning I doubted everything. My decision to come here by myself, my decision to stay for so long, I couldn't remember what exactly I was here for. Now, I remember I am here to study and rest. I am here to work on the practice of yoga inside of its homeland. I am here to play with effort and surrender. As Mike's mom says, I am here to rearrange the furniture of my mind.


Christina said...

that sounds amazing, Jill!

(ps have you seen tracy yet??)


Mariana said...

you had me at "I don't even want to talk about Utplutih" . . . so funny Jill!

jude said...

Good Morning Jill, Love waking to reading about your journey. The purpose of your trip will be made clear moment by moment - just embrace each experience as it occurs! stay safe and healthy. Love and miss you, judy aka mom

JIll said...

What the **** is a Utplutih?