Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Here it is the blog with pictures. Are you ready? So, it is day three here and it is getting better, much better. I can’t emphasize enough the sad feeling I had in my heart and in the pit of my stomach upon my arrival. Really it feels like the first time. The only difference it wasn’t that India knocked me on my butt. What knocked me down like the biggest wave at the Jersey shore was my own lack of confidence in myself. And with the jet lag fading and the yoga practice grounding me I am happy to say that I feel “the point” of my being here is coming into focus.

Last evening I went to Jayashree’s to do an epic chanting session and it was awesome. I went with a Finnish woman who has been so sweet to me. She is a long time student and an Authorized teacher. Really just a gift. In the last minutes of the chanting class it began to rain, no downpour, it was the biggest Monsoon rain I have ever seen. Our Rickshaw driver was supposed to come and pick us up, but he never showed. Another Rickshaw did arrive to pick up two other people and they were so nice and let me and my Finnish friend hop on in from the rain. So four Western adults were squeezed into this ride and the water was just flying around, huge puddles in the street. Cars were stuck, rickshaws couldn’t make it and all four of us were getting soaked. I really wished I had my camera. Next time.

Practice this morning was intense. I bought some fresh millet bread and home made peanut butter (110 Rs) so that I could have something in my stomach. It is so weird practicing that late in the morning and much sweatier. At the end of my drop backs Sharath came over to assist me with the deeper backbends and really just went for the ankle grabbing stage. I think as my fingers lightly touched my heels I whimpered a bit. After the forward bend squash Sharath smiled and said, “Crying?” It is going to be an intense practice with Sharath heading the Shala everyday.

After practice I asked Sharath if I could pay him the balance of my registration fee. He brought me into the office and smiled because I had the exact balance with my registration perfectly wrapped up to present to him. Then the exciting part happened! He looked at me and asked if I was doing Intermediate the last time I was here. I said no. Then he said (are you ready), “Monday you take Pasasana.” I feel great. I thought that I’d have to wait one month before that might (or might not) happen. So there you have it the longest post ever. I am going back to Jayashree’s tonight and most likely every night to bask in the vibration and memorize me some Yoga Sutra’s.


Mariana said...

Yay Jill … Intermediate here you come! So exciting!

Mary Jo said...

Wow, you did have a lot to say this morning. It sounds like you are in the full swing of the India experience. You should be proud of yourself for a couple things: (a) you did make the trip all by yourself; (b) you are settling in and getting nice and comfortable; and (c) you are moving on to the next phase in your practice. Way to go Jill.



Anonymous said...

Happy to hear that you feeling a little more at ease in your new environment. How about you going straight to the head of the class - never a doubt! Your photos brought a smile to my face. Please stay safe and healthy. Remember I love you. Hugs and Love, Judy aka mom