Wednesday, July 09, 2008

AKA My Scooby

As it gets closer and closer to departure, I am trying to brush up on my technical skills. I haven't posted with pictures for a very long time and I always need a little practice. Yesterday I posted my favorite picture of my husband from our Yoga/Mexico retreat this spring. I talk about her often in class, here she is my Angie dog!

July Updates:

Sanskrit Club this Friday July 11th 7:30 pm. Come practice your AAAA's, IIII's, and UUUU's

My final class before I become a full time student again is July 19th come and play

I am putting together some workshops that if you have a yoga studio you might just fall in love with! Check back for more details, topics to include, Sound and Silence, Intro into the Traditional/Current Ashtanga Yoga Method, Mysore Weeks, Life (and practice) is full of DropBacks, and vinyasa counting as an entry point for creative sequencing. Email if interested
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