Thursday, July 24, 2008

Power Restored

I can't believe how many power outages there have been since my arrival. I count at least four a day. But, nothing feels better than when your battery on your computer is just about to die and the power kicks back on. Somehow it feel just perfectly cosmic. Just got back from having lunch with two lovely ladies. We decided to walk home and for my second time this trip waked into a Monsoon rain. When you only bring two pairs of pants one needs to be dry at all times.

I rode that practice high all day yesterday. In the evening I went to Jayashree's for chanting. It is a great group and some tough chanting. I think that Ashtangi's get a bad rap when it comes to the more meditative practices. Here Jayashree's small room is full of yoga students chanting their hearts out and swaying with the divine. It is so nice. We worked on a favorite chant of mine and Jayashree went word by word over its meaning.

I am still not sleeping all the way through the night. I woke up at 2:30am and have been up ever since. My practice this morning felt tired, heavy, and sluggish. Those words are just qualities and I try not to give each practice like a thumbs up or down, but to dive into the feeling. I think a full night sleep would really help.

The sound outside my window soft South Indian rain. It's so sweet.


jude said...

Hey Jill, we too are sharing power outage and pouring rain lately. Hopefully the sky will brighten today. Maybe tonight you will be lulled into a sweet sleep to ease your spirit and body. Stay safe and healthy; I love you! judy aka mom

Mary Jo said...

I concur with your mom, we have had our fair share of thunder, lightening, rain and power outages for the last couple of days. The whole earth needs rain so I guess it is just nature's way of letting us know whose in charge. When you body is ready to have a full night's sleep, it will come, but until then, I guess you need to embrace every waking moment of India, because, although 9 weeks seems like an eternity, it will be over before you know it.

Love, as always,


lisa said...

jill finally got to your blog site.what a fab invention.feels like we are there with you,minus the smells of course.i am hung up on the smelss huh?anyway this time you sound more like a maturing women living life rather than a wandering girl trying so hard to find her warms my heart because the greatest accomplishment the elders in your family can get is to see the youth learn, grow and pass it on thru your own wisdom.ifeel this as i read your words and thougths.rambling as usual what i do best. thinking of and sending my love lisa xoxo