Monday, February 22, 2010

Heart Beat and Lessons learned from Trice

A student just asked me this morning, "how was the first week back?" Last week was a bit bumpy. Which is totally expected and I did feel a sense of excitement about yoga, practice, teaching and starting to connect some major dots (and let go of major doubt) that I feel still now as I write this post. I have committed to making connections in the Rhode Island yoga community.

On Valentine's day (a moon day) I went to Eyes of the World Yoga in Providence. The thing that I took away from that class was when the teacher invited the students to lift the toes in a lunge I could hear sweaty toes being pulled from the sticky mat, I could feel curious yoga students willing to experience an instruction. I liked that!

Yesterday I took a trip to Ashtanga Yoga Rhode Island. The shala is situated on the Connecticut/Rhode Island border. It was a lovely little room and the class was pretty darn full. I noticed that many men came out to practice and that in general the population was a little older. The owner/teacher was really welcoming. As I was waiting for the bathroom an older man with a very New England accent told me that he comes from Connecticut 3 times a week to practice there, and that he was a total Ashtangi. Then he said to me, "'re pretty advanced, huh?" It was so cute! Then I told him, I practice...a lot.

Since this was my first led Primary class since leaving the shala in Mysore I did notice that the teacher was really trying to get everyone to slow down, wait for the count and move and breath together. I asked a friend who stopped toward the end of led Primary what does the room look like. She said that it is beautiful to watch and that it looks and feels like a heartbeat. Everyone is pulsing on the point.


I am also taking suggestion from this friend to put myself out there, always introduce myself. I am trying to shake off some of my shyness and shine! I am just warming my practice room and later I am meeting with the owner of Shri-Studio.

Do I have the post Mysore blues? A little, but I am far too excited about all the growth that this last trip has given me and the confidence to move forward with what I love.

TDB- 80

and yes that is a Trice inspired red pedicure with flip flop tan lines and my best practice friend, the space heater.


Maureen said...

I love Ashtanga RI! The owner and his family are warm and loving! I wish the studio wasn't so far from my home. :(

Beth-Aime said...

So jealous....i can't find my space heater and am freezing..... Nice toes and flip flop tan.. I'm sporting a pretty bad Chaco / Zoro tan.