Friday, February 05, 2010

I hit the wall

After 23 wake up calls at 3:30am, and 53 drop backs (I am not even counting the ankle grabbing section), and various other yogic studies that by Thursday leave my brain fried. I hit it, the yoga wall...hard. Again this morning I didn't want to go to practice. This now seemed like a very un-me sign. I went and slept for two hours after practice. Went to breakfast and came home showered and tried to motive myself to get out and do something but instead slept two more hours.

Just got back from a late afternoon coffee with Kadie. We can do that because thankfully we all have off from practice tomorrow. I hope to rest so that I can get past the wall and finish my final days in this amazing and crazy place strong.

Home in 6 days.


Christina said...

Hi Jill!

Thank you for posting about this because I think I hit a wall too. I could barely move this morning and practice was terribly slow and painful. What do we do to get out of this? do you think we need more rest? I wonder if it's from having so many long and intense practices in a row. I'm having some coffee now and starting to feel a bit more energized.. so glad to have tomorrow off.

hope to see you back in philly soon!!!!

Drywall Diva said...

lately, my breakfast consists of, cup of coffee, greek yogurt and reading the daily love | practice post.

thanks for writing about it ALL. the highs and lows. your yoga practice insights from mysore have really helped me find some answers of my own during a particularly intense training period on the bike in preparation for some big events ... bless you!

Jill Manning said...


I know that I hit the wall partly because of getting up at 3.30am everyday since I have been here. It is really an unnatural time to wake and practice.

I feel better after todays rest. What time are you going to bed? I'll be back in Philly in April teaching at Wake Up and I hope to squeeze some practice in...where I will not say to avoid any contraversy. thanks for your comments and i read your blog dailY.

love | practice

Christina said...

I'm usually in bed by 10-ish, up around 5-ish.. the problem is when I don't sleep well either from stress or anxiety or eating too close to bedtime.

glad you feel better after resting for the day... hope you have a good last few days in mysore!