Tuesday, February 02, 2010

One Week

Wow. I leave Mysore one week from tomorrow. I can't believe it. I miss my husband and snuggling with my dogs. I miss the students who have been so dedicated in Providence. When I leave this place I will "take" so many things with me. I will NOT be taking my practice time home to Providence.

There is a magic in the monotony. The sameness in the day to day experience. The other morning after practice I sat with some students under the nearly full moon after practice. It is still dark out at 6am. One student who has been to Mysore 5 times just started dropping back and standing up on their own this trip. Immediately Sharath gave her pasasana. We sat there under the moon recognizing the metaphor of practice...it is not about the drop backs...it is not about the poses. I am not going to be so arrogant to say, "what it is all about!" but if you have a practice...you know that the whole of practice hints at something larger, bigger, and more universal than you may have ever thought.


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