Thursday, February 04, 2010

I have starting thinking.....

...about my return. This time next week I'll be flying through the time and space continuum and landing in Boston on the same date that I left India, February 11th. I have also been thinking about my upcoming teaching schedule (which is filling up IS limited.) I could write today abut how I didn't want to go to practice. I just laid in my bed long after the alarm went off creating a least three reasons why it would be alright if I missed you one day. After 10 minutes of the devil on my shoulder goading me into skipping I got up got dressed and headed to the gate. In the changing room I put my head on another students shoulder and whined a bit before heading into the brightly light shala.

Practice was swift for being an epic length at this point and strong, and yes I am happy that I went.

Here are the links for registering for the upcoming sessions. I am also giving an Intro Workshop on February 14 (what a better way to show yourself some LOVE) at Raffa Yoga you can follow that link for details.

I miss hOMe madly and look forward to reconnecting and building on the already blossoming Ashtanga Yoga community.

Raffa Yoga Sessions (Cranston, RI):

Motion Center Sessions (Providence, RI):

TDB - 53

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