Tuesday, February 09, 2010

"One More"

This is a very familiar quote to anyone who has been to the Shala in Mysore. It is used in a very practical way here in Mysore. It is the sound that "one more" student can enter into the practice room. It is the acknowledgement that "one more" student has exhausted themselves and pushed further than they may have ever thought possible. "One More" has because a mantra (Narasimha defines mantra as an 'ultra sonic washing machine' for the mind.)

One more dropback
One more 3:40am shuffle to the shala
One more minute you can sit with the wild, unruly, anxiety ridden mind

One More...

If you stack enough 'one more' together it starts to create momentum, a continuous cycle that may just lead to a steadiness that is the very essence of practice.

I have one more practice at the shala, traveled one more time to India for a girl who just got their passport in 2006, one more very blessed and life changing experience. It may be a bit to early to be mushy but I am dedicating this trip to:

My mom and dad, who never let me go anywhere as a kid which I am sure has set me up perfectly to go anywhere I want.

My sister, for always being a renegade in her own way and while not always understanding my desire to be in this foreign place, ALWAYS supporting and SKYPING with me.

My yoga teacher, I described like this this trip, I was driving along minding my own business and he stopped me in the middle of the road and gently pointed me (far)into another direction.

Mostly, my husband, for making all this become a reality not just once, but one more...one more...and one more.

From Mysore with BIG LOVE



judith said...

Well said.

Many more blessings,

Judith, NYC

jude said...

saying One More time: I LOVE YOU!

Rebecca said...

Your blog is so beautiful, Jill...I don't know why exactly, but I am here on Walnut and 7th reading and working, and I have watery eyes. Your words send me.