Monday, March 08, 2010

The Yoga Date

I know that I have been a bad blogging yogini lately but since returning from India my life feels like it has expanded significantly. I am teaching 5 mornings a week plus newly expanded and expanding evening classes, working at the museum three days a week, and really opening myself to the Rhode Island yoga community by having weekly yoga dates out there in the world. Since leaving the sun of Mysore I have stepped into some seriously sunny yoga glows all over the state. My first Sunday back I went to Eyes of the World Yoga right in the heart of Providence's east side. The following Sunday I went to Ashtanga Yoga Rhode Island. This is right where I last left off with the blog. Next up was a two and a half hour prana flow immersion with one of Shiva Rea's deputies, Coral Brown at All That Matter's yoga in Wakefield RI and just this Sunday I went with my very dear friend and second time house guest Cyndi to Raffa Yoga for a 9am vinyasa class with one of the students in my Mysore program there.

Cyndi: "Never underestimate the power of the yoga date."

What I have learned from this experiment is that it is good to get out there even if it is not the style or method that you study. I take practice so seriously that once a week it is great to surrender move and groove in a new pattern both in body and breath and have some fun.

Practice yesterday left me sweaty, happy, connected, excited about my future at Raffa as a teacher, and with one of my best Kapotasana's ever!

Where should I go this Sunday?


Anonymous said...
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Sara said...

Jill, I am also having fun with new styles once a week. Our yoga club here at school features teachers from around the city once a week. I found out today that hatha yoga can be really informative and fun if taught the right way, despite my previous experiences that were not so much.
I'm an officer in this club this comming quarter and plan to bring even more variety into the mix by trying to add some Ashtanga, Yin and Iyengar to the already solid base of hatha and vinyasa regimen. Exploration is fun!

Anonymous said...

Jill, It was really lovely to meet you this past weekend. I am so happy you are coming into Rhode Island's lovely yoga community!
I look forward to seeing you more about town and practicing together perhaps too! Thank you for linking the places you teach, I will be in one of these days for a class!

shilpa said...

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