Saturday, February 06, 2010

Week 5 | Bannana Sweetness

I slept 10 hours last night. In the past on a Saturday I would set my alarm for 6am just to keep as close to an early schedule as possible. The reality of 6 days of waking at the silliest hour in the morning set in right away and I do no such thing on Saturday's this trip. I woke at 7am today feeling so much better than I had for the past two days.

I am ready to finish strong.

Today I got some last minute shopping done in the Market and just had a very leisurely lunch at Anu's. I am really excited about returning home. I am so jazzed about my teaching schedule and hope to put some more workshops on my schedule soon. Every trip to Mysore has touched on something so amazing. It is still way to early to pronounce the real 'juice' of this exploration. I can say that I have figured some things out about myself that I have hidden really well for a long time.

(23) 3:30am wake up calls
(53) drop backs
(4) sutras chanted directly to Jayashree
(1) holding steady at Kapotasana
(0) classes at the shala missed
(281) pages into Twilight
(4) days left in beautiful South India


jude said...

Hey Jilly, soak up that sun for we are in blizzard conditions here!!!! Miss you and will be happy to have you home soon. Stay safe, healthy and happy.

Diana said...

no- i saw Banana Sweetness on Friday! Enjoy your last days!

Anonymous said...

"Banana Sweetness" - Like! Miss you Jill - Doug