Friday, April 01, 2011

snow home

As the plane descended into Logan International airport snow was falling from the sky. Just as every trip to Mysore has its own flavor and theme the travel there and back is just as unpredictable. My flight out of Paris was nearly canceled (insert freak out here.) Instead we were just delayed 5 and a half hours (insert sweet relief here.)

I am home.

My fingers as they type are freezing.

I hope to digest this experience as be able to share some of my experience, but as of right now my mind and heart are like my luggage, broken open with all the contents spilling out unsure of what to unpack first.

The Mysore week is nearly full and this is one last reminder that there will be space for drop-ins at 7.30am. Please call/register with Motion Center.

I am super shakti soaked and ready to connect my heart land of Mysore with my (current) homeland of Providence, RI.


*** said...

you are full of super shakti!!!


eek said...

Glad to see you made it home, safe and sound. Miss you already!