Monday, April 04, 2011

Lacking Visual Notations

I am missing having my camera. Toward the end of its 5th year with 4 trips to the subcontinent and a stint on a Mexican beach and time taking in the Costa Rican beauty my camera died. It had a good life. My pictures with Lakshmish and Sharath were taken by friends (and I hope will arrive to me someday in the future.)

I never thought the camera was a part of my life but over my first days back I have been wishing for it. I wanted to take a picture of my snowy arrival in Boston and then the huge plate of mixed greens I ate at Julians with Evan and Mike. I wanted to capture Marnie's face when I gave her the toy ricksha's I brought back for her sons. Then there was the guacamole from the little Mexican restaurant and the amazing group practice that I went to on Friday fat! dogs, and me all cleaned up with high heels, make up and all for the cocktail culture event last night which was followed up by more guacamole at our little neighborhood
Guatemalan restaurant.

Many people asked me how I liked Providence while I was away. I am not going to lie...much of the time was pretty rough and lonely. However more of the time has been and continues to be filled with amazing friends, great energy, and natural beauty. I wish we were staying. I am pretty sure that Ashtanga Yoga West End would thrive!

It is 3.30am and I am so excited to practice and teach the Mysore morning group this week at Motion Center. Last year when I came home from Mysore I was determined to find and fit into a community. I went to so many places and spaces in search of I don't know what. I ended of feeling defeated and exhausted trying to be something I am not. This year my first practice back was at the Motion Center with the lovely teacher who has been keeping the Ashtanga fire burning. It was a small, perfect Mysore practice with beautiful and dedicated students and I felt grounded, happy and home.

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eek said...

Hi there-
Welcome home! Doesn't your hubs have an extra camera somewhere you can borrow ;)?

I am away from home this week but will send your pics when I return! Today is going to be my first attempt at practicing by myself in a hotel room - I hope I can finish my surya namaskars!