Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shop Talk

I love coming back home-home and teaching. I am in the middle of an early morning intensive at Wake Up Yoga. Since I have been living in Providence I have come back to share these intense bursts of information and practice. I have always limited the number of participants so that I can over 5 days meet students where they are and really see what is going on in their practice and hopefully give each student the attention they need so that they can move forward/have an experience/make a connection.

I love seeing the same faces every morning and I love on Friday when the very intense and hard week comes to its natural conclusion with the feeling of completion.

Coming home to Philly also gives me plenty of time for what I love talk. I really get so much from talking about the journey as student and teacher. Sharing stories of study and triumphs in teaching, what has been going on with personal practice and where we would like to go with practice.

This is what I miss most in Providence. What I hear from my colleagues and feel with myself is a movement toward a bullshit free, stripped down kind of place. Someone asked me this week will my harmonium being making an appearance and the answer was, no. Shanti mantra's need the power of the mind and the movement of the breath only.

Asana practice can be bare.

Chanting practice can be bare.

Yoga needs very little accompaniment....all that is needed in a good teacher...and you are off!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home! I loved reading about your yoga adventures in India!

D-n-S said...
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