Tuesday, April 05, 2011

What is sticking

The week long morning Mysore intensive started yesterday. It was a joy to come back to teaching. I was reminded how powerful yoga practice can be when it is rooted in tradition. It was amazing to see many of the students that I taught from the ground up had continued practicing despite my absence and the long, cold and dark winter.

At the beginning of my 5th day home from the heartland I am noticing what wormed its way into my body, mind and heart. When I overheard Magnolia and another student talking about third month flying I started to look forward to that physical experience. While my last month in Mysore my spirits were high and my overall mood was light and happy my physical practice felt very stable and solid (in a good way.) My first practice back was Friday and someone who was is the room with me noted at the end she said, "Jill, you are flying!" I felt it. All those seeds planted needed to bloom on the north side of 4am.

I can't go a practice without an extended chanting session. If abhyāsa means repeat it is important to look/listen to what you are repeating. Yesterday I referenced Sharath's take that the yogic lifestyle is a tapas and that not practicing is like suffocation.

Do I miss Mysore? Sure, I always do, but I am more excited to be home teaching and extending my self to others through the powerful fire of yoga.

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eek said...

I am so impressed that you are able to practice in the cold and at home...I am trying to get my butt up to do some sun salutations in my hotel room this morning! Your students are lucky to have you :)