Sunday, August 01, 2010


This morning I drove to Boston for practice. It was like coming home. After I returned from India in January I was committed to finding a larger yoga community in Providence that I could be a part of. I tried going so many places. I surrendered to teachers new, and those with many years of experience, some with their own yoga spaces. It often felt like I was trying to push this square peg into a round hole. This morning felt like a home coming. The room was quiet. There were just enough students to feel like part of a tribe but not so many that is felt like a tribe of sardines. Practice was steady and sweet.

Today marks the one year anniversary of arriving in Providence. What a year! Do I feel at home here?

I thought I'd share some pictures today from Providence's West End. That's were Mike and I make our home (at least for now.) This is where we walk the dogs, hang with friends, grab a coffee, and sometimes a dinner out...Broadway Bistro is our favorite.

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