Saturday, July 31, 2010

Year in Review

This time last year I was sitting in a very empty house in Philadelphia surrounded by some friends and many empty bottles of champagne...all sitting on the floor. This week I am dedicating my blogs to the many things I have learned over the year. I thought I kick the week off with an artist I didn't even know existed. But after 6 months of working just below her solo exhibit at the RISD Museum staring at her work and at her catalogue's sold in the store...and yes meeting (that's a stretch) her in person. Her art has strongly influenced my practice and teaching style.

"radiating, almost spiritual, beauty. Steir’s work, tied to nature and the progression of time with, as she noted, “gravity and levity” as partners, provide the viewer with respite in their calm physicality. Compounded with the eastern philosophies and painting traditions that have influenced her, one is left with an understanding of transience, the fleeting nature of beauty, and the delicate fragility of the natural world. An awareness of our unconscious “moving through space” as tied to nature provides us with a precious desire to protect it."

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