Monday, May 10, 2010

When you don’t have anything nice to blog...don’t blog at all.

I try to keep this principle alive and find that there is no use in complaining or judging or over thinking the yoga situation I find myself in these days. It feels like I am in this great tug of war with the agony and ecstasy of it all. The aloness of practice for nearly the last year has brought me to the brink of tears but also to the edge of so many of my own personal struggles with the physical practice. The other week after I posted some of the newer practice pictures even my teacher needed to comment (which is super rare) on how much has changed.

It is not just the physical that has been blooming. My connection to sound has sharpened. Annie Pace played my harmonium last week and some chants that I heard for the first time lodged in my heart and from heart to ear to harmonium I chant and continue to chant.

For the first Sunday since I have been back from India I couldn’t bring myself to yet another yoga class. I don’t want to be a tourist any longer I want to feel at home.

I am trying to make a home for curious yoga students and teachers with my offer of Shabda Sunday. Our next meeting is on the 23rd of May 5-6:30pm at Sri in Pawtucket. The topic will be OM Cycle and while I was playing with Victoria the other day this is a BIG experience and I look forward to diving into how OM is the process of sound and feeling how all other sounds are contained in it.

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