Friday, May 21, 2010

Dynamo Devis

If yoga is an attitude my yoga of late has totally sucked...and I am over it! I hit my personal breaking point at a vinyasa yoga class last Thursday.

I broke down fully and now I am ready to rise and get to work.

I am starting an attitude shift by writing (and linking) to some of the local yogini's who help me not only feel less alone they help me be a better teacher and they share in my struggle for a community and my passion for practice.

Victoria Lockard

I met Victoria way back in the fall. She was also teaching at Motion Center and very interested having someone to practice with. We have been meeting once a week since then and sharing practice space, energy and great conversations over post practice coffee. Smart and sensitive she teaches at the BSC and at Shri.

Aja Blanc

Aja works right upstairs from me at risd|works. I was leaving the museum a few weeks ago and someone said to me, "have you met have to me Aja!" Aja just moved here in January while I was in India. She like me left a great yoga community and has been trying to find her place here in Providence. While she is a Kripalu trained yoga teacher she is not currently teaching (I hope that changes soon.) She wrote a blog about me trying to create a community here...I could really use her help.

Sara Davidson

What to say about Sara? First of all she is starting to teach on Sunday mornings at Motion Center and I will be rolling my mat out at her feet this week! She is fun and fearless, soft spoken and super-shakti-fied. Getting to spend time with her is a gift and although she practices and teaches a "different" method of yoga we speak the same language. The language of yoga..ya know stretching and stuff.

I feel the power of possibility. I feel it coming....please come check out Shabda Sunday this week. I promise it can't disappoint.


Anonymous said...

Dude, we're on it. Going to shabda our hearts to happiness on Sunday.

Victoria Lockard said...

Ah hahaha oh Jill "the language of yoga- you know, stretching and stuff." You amuse me in a lovely way and thank you for the shout-out!

Anonymous said...

J and I are out in Kansas City and found a Mysore class this morning -- with two teachers for four students (counting us). So your community isn't *so* small. I know from your blog that you have been having some rough times this year, but I must say it doesn't show in your teaching. (I sure hope my students would say the same.) We are so glad to have you in RI after our ashtanga drought! xo K

Sara said...

I can't tell you how much I loved the line, 'yoga-you know, stretching and stuff'.