Monday, May 03, 2010

Maha Shakti

Shortly after I returned from Mysore this February I began searching for a community. I googled "Ashtanga Yoga New England" and found that certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher Annie Pace was coming to an area just outside Boston for a weekend in the Spring. Although I was a little fund challenged at the time I sent in my check for many reasons. Annie is a long time student and teacher who has unlike some other certified "old school" teachers has stayed connected to Mysore and has always made the pilgrimage to Mysore each year. I thought is would be a great way to meet some other New England Ashtangi's connect to a larger community. Maybe my biggest reason is simple. Annie is a girl. My Ashtanga Yoga teachers have always been men...Guruji, Sharath, and David.

It is Monday morning after spending the weekend with Shakti live wire known as Annie Pace. What an experience. All of her words aligned perfectly with all that I have been taught and experienced, but she had so much zazz.

She was silly and very serious.
She was joyful and respectful.
She was directly connected with all of us in the now and bringing us in the now to the source to the importance of tradition.

She is the embodiment of love and practice! and I want to continue to align with that!


Anonymous said...

Sounds amazing!

Sara said...

...all is coming (including a cOMmunity).